I can attest to Lisa’s gift in helping one develop a spiritual practice that actually works. I tried most of my life to learn to meditate and I could never quiet my mind. Eventually I gave up. Since working with Lisa I now have four meditations I practice on a regular basis and my life has improved dramatically when it comes to being triggered. If I get triggered I use my got to meditation, the 9 breaths of Purification, and I am back to center in no time. As an adult survivor of childhood sexual trauma I never thought I’d get to a place where I didn’t go into full on activated. That’s when I go into the background and my Alter Ego comes to the fore. I am no longer in control of how I respond. Since working with Lisa I have not been in a full on activated once. I can’t tell you the hope and peace that brings me. The other meditation have been helping me clear out old ways of thinking, pain speech and to heal my deeply wounded heart. I recommend Lisa Rising Berry for anyone struggling in their life. She is very gifted and works with an open heart. Funny thing is every time I thought I was going to get in trouble, or that I was doing the meditation wrong she was nothing but kind and supportive. And that helps build confidence.