Balancing the Five elements

Balancing the 5 elements

During session 1, you will learn an easy way to meditate and get your brain in the right wave length, the 3 Breaths of Purification, how to recite the seed syllables of the elements, and the hand mudras. Then you will do these practices on your own for about a week.

During session 2, you will learn the full practice/ritual. I will walk you through step-by-step to make sure that you fully understand everything. Then you will do the practice on your own for about a week. It needs to be done every day at least once.

During session 3, we will do the practice/ritual together. This is where I have found the real magic happens. When I connect my energy to the client’s while we are performing this at the same time, I can assist them and hold the space while the elements are fully returned. I also have the ability to pull what no longer serves them into my own body and release it. The client and I do this together. We work with the higher energies as a team. I am not doing their inner work for them. They have done the preliminary work, and we work with the higher energies together for their greater good.

Each session will be at least one hour, perhaps a bit more, as my time allows. I will be charging $222.00 for this service. My fee for basic 1-hour sessions is $88.00, so this package is a bit less that that. I am also extremely connected to the number 22, so this is an energetically perfect price for this service.

House/Property Balancing and Clearing

This is based what I have been doing in my local area for a while. I just recently learned that I can now do this in a more powerful way for any location when I incorporate my Soul Retrieval Ritual. What I do is balance the elemental energies of the location as well as the people who live there.

When people have disturbances in either their homes or property, it is connected to the people who are living there. Most of the time the individuals have a karmic connection to the energies that are causing issues. This connection could be from this lifetime or a previous one. So, I clear both aspects of this problem by using the 18,000-year-old Tibetan Bon Buddhist ritual practice called the 5 Elements practice or Soul Retrieval.

The 5 elements of a location can become lost, stolen or disturbed from numerous causes that could have taken place in the present or in its deep past. The people that are drawn to live in these locations are connected as well.

When I clear the property and home, I perform the ritual on a skype or phone call with the client. I connect to them and to the property. I then do the ritual for the benefit of the home, property and owners. I am like the conduit for the clearing. Once I am finished, I take my energy out, and I reconnect the owners to the property.

This takes about 1 hour, maybe a little longer. Before the ritual I like to talk to the client for a bit. The price for this service will be $111.00. This takes a lot of energy to perform this ritual, and I put my heart and soul into it.


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