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Hello to everyone!

Love-monthFebruary is my month of Love, and I like to show my appreciation to all that follow my work.  This is a reminder that my February Special is 1/2 finished.  A one hour session is 1/2 off at $44.00 for one hour.

If you find the information in my articles insightful and you would like to work towards spiritual transformation through inner alchemy, then consider scheduling a session with me.

I use my clairvoyant ability, esoteric knowledge of many modalities, dream interpretation, Tibetan Meditation and breathing practices, Healing with the Elements and much more to help balance your body, mind and soul.  This will enable you to regain your power, and put you in the driver seat of your life.  If you are ready to expand your future possibilities then click here to schedule.

With Warm Hugs,

Lisa Rising Berry



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