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‘NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is going to visit Bennu, which is a piece of TIAMAT. This is a update on my last article

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I just saw this information on a friends page, and something did not feel right to me. I knew I needed to do the gematria on Bennu. So, I did, and I was shocked at what I found.

Bennu has the same gematria as Maitreya. Bennu is part of the debris left over from the formation of the solar system. It is a actually piece of Tiamat.

I wrote about Maitreya in my article I published yesterday. It is one of the names of a future world teacher. Or, basically if you read my article it is one of the names that “Tiah” receives as she is transformed this week. And look at the date that they are doing this…the 22nd…tomorrow. I wrote about the importance of that number and the Divine Feminine as well.

Bennu is about rebirth which is what is happening to the dark aspect of the divine feminine. The government is not stupid and they know what is energetically going on, and they are trying to stop this process by messing with this energetic asteroid that is from Tiamat. By influencing the as above they hope to influence the below. Nice try, but it will not work.  We are in control now.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and nothing will hurt Bennu.

Here is a Link to the full article for all the details….article

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