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First of all, I have to say that I feel most conspiracy theories are not theories but facts.  There is so much more going on than meets the eye.  But that is a physical battle that is difficult to fight without the correct “inner hardware.”  Instead of diving into each conspiracy issue, I have decided to focus on our reactions to all of them, with a special emphasis on weather manipulation.  The reason I picked the weather manipulation is because it’s a subject I have physical experience with, and because we have many hurricanes appearing at the moment.

vitruvian manIf you want to control your outer world you must be in control of your inner world.  You have to go inward to get the outward results.  This inner world is found in the heart.  The heart contains the strongest power of creation and destruction we have available, and it is housed in our very own bodies.  It is also like a movie projector, which DaVinci proved with his Vitruvian Man science.  We project outward onto our DaVinci Sphere what is in our hearts.  The DaVinci Sphere is the movie screen and is the location where we see our reality.  Each of us has our own Sphere.  Our heart projects collective energy as well as personal energy.  The more you master your mind, which is your heart, the more you project your personal energy and less of the collective’s.

I made a statement on one of our radio shows this spring, before May.  I said, that after the nodes of the Moon shifted into Leo (the heart) and Aquarius (water bearer/Mankind), that people would experience what is alive in their hearts.  This is happening right now.  Whatever alchemical vibration you are living in is what is projected out from your heart and is your experience of your personal reality.

This is where conspiracy facts come into play.  In my opinion, learning the truth about how our government works is part of the waking up process for people who live in the conspiracy theoryWest.  But living in that energy and not transmuting it is a choice.  These conspiracy facts are full of fear, and rightfully so.  It is scary to realize how little control we have, and it is a wake up call for us to go within and develop real control.  And that is the self mastery of the mind/heart.  I can’t physically control the government as a single human body and make them physically stop using HAARP.  But I can control my reaction to it and create an energy that raises me above it, so I do not fully experience it.  I know I just lost some people with this statement, and that is OK.  I would not believe it myself, except I am living it.  It is possible for two separate people to have completely different experiences from a single collective event.  I will go into this more later.

I would like to turn your attention to HAARP and weather manipulation.  I could tell that the last two Hurricanes in the Atlantic where not HAARP controlled.  How did I do this?  By using my inner technology…my heart.  I did not talk to the storm, and did not tune into the storm, I did not use any form of divination.  I used a ritual method of sending my energy out into the storm like a radar system would.  Let me explain.

angels don't play this haarpI first learned about HAARP in 2008, after I returned from mystery school, where I received intensive training in ritual magic.  I was told to read the book “Angels don’t play this HAARP”.  I was sent spiraling down the rabbit hole.  I couldn’t believe it, and I needed proof.  So….one day…I was practicing my rituals and I decided to play.  I started out by using my rituals to turn all of the electricity out in my house.  I quickly learned how to control and send my energy out where I wanted it to go and get feedback.  I could “ping” it off of things.  Then I decided to “ping” HAARP.  But, before I could do this, I had to fully be in my heart.  I had to feel compassion and love for HAARP.  At first I could not do this, so I remember what my teacher told me.  He said to go neutral first because this is better than anger.  Sending your energy when you are mad is not only black magic, but it is dangerous, because the energy leaves from your lower energy centers and not from the heart.  To send your energy out correctly you have to have compassion and then it will leave from your heart, which is zero point on the body.  I went neutral and that was my stepping stone to creating compassion in my heart.  Now I had the correct energy to send out.  I then set my intention to “ping” the energy of HARRP.  I did my ritual and away my energy went to visit HAARP.  What happened next not only knocked my socks off, but scared the pants off of me.  I heard a loud metal inorganic screech out loud in my room.  That was all the proof I needed!!!!  HAARP IS REAL!  But HAARP is fake energy.  When my organic heart energy “pinged” it, the inorganic energy went nuts.

I simply used my inner technology that we all have access to.  But, if you are not in your heart and generating compassion it will not work.  Now, this brings me to the current storms in the Atlantic.  I don’t need to rely on any radar, weather experts or anything outside of myself to determine if something contains inorganically created energy.  Everyone says that we are the ones we have been waiting for, but no one uses themselves.  I do.  I did my ritual and sent my energy out into Harvey and Irma, and I got zero inorganic “ping”.  I did feel the attempt of HAARP, but it was not in the storm itself.  I have also done this with previous storms before these two and I did receive inorganic “pings” mixed with strong organic energy.  This is the first time I have not received a HAARP “ping.”   Which is why I wrote my last two articles.

While I was writing my articles, I could tell I was in the minority of people that thought these storms where organic.  And I really thought, why?  I could not understand why they could not feel what I knew was true.  It was crystal clear for me, why not for them.

spliting of worlds
One event but two different real reality experiences

Was I broken?  I sent my energy into those storms over and over, and I got the same results.  I kept reading from well meaning, educated people that these storms where HAARP created, and they had many sources outside of themselves to prove they where right.  I decided to place myself in the collective energy field of the group of people that felt these storms where HAARP created.  Guess what?  In the bubble or field of reality they where in, the storms where 100% HAARP created.  From the bubble or field where I am, they where not.  I can see how reality actually splits during a single collective event.  It is one of the craziest thing I have experienced.  I do not have all the scientific quantum details on how this can occur.  But it is happening.

Once I learned the conspiracy facts and they scared me, I decided to make a change.  The only thing I can change is what chemistry and vibration I create in my heart.  I found a balance between being well informed and controlling my response. Being mad at “them” or in fear of “them”, puts you in their playing field of reality and then “they” own you and your mind.   I learned how the heart is a movie projector and I am the only behind-the-scenes director.  I learned how to control my response to an event and how that changes how it lives and manifests in my daily life.

Do I think we will only have organic storms from now until forever?  Only time will tell, but my guess is no.  I will be very interested in seeing a HAARP-generated storm and how my response changes my reality of that storm.  Am I strong enough to take the inorganic HAARP energy and change it to organic in my experienced reality? Is this even possible in our current human bodies?  I don’t know yet.  But, you can bet that I will do my best to achieve this.  I am who I have been waiting for.  My inner technology is not only organic, but it is more powerful than HAARP.  I have a human blood pumping, compassionate HEART.  So….look out fake inorganic HAARP, here I come!

Much Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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