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holy-crap-on-a-crackerI can describe the current energies in the USA in two words…HOLY CRAP!!!!!!  When Harvey came in the Azoth energy was unbalanced due to the Dark Divine Feminine aspect being unleashed/released from her prison.  Now, this Azoth energy is fully balanced, which is something I did not expect to happen so soon.  I really thought it would take at least 2 months for the energy to balance.  But the Dark Feminine that is connected to the Azoth energy is ready to do her thing.  As I have been saying for the past 3 years, this energy has never been on this planet before, and the Dark Feminine has never been able to do her thing before either.  This energy is new and can be absolutely terrifying to those not prepared and in their center.

We have the intense fires in the west and the hurricanes in Texas and the east coast.  This is 100% Azoth energy here in the USA, and it is the most intense energy I have

azoth stages
Star of Azoth

ever felt.  I didn’t know what to expect when this energy came to the USA, but it is far stronger than I ever could have imagined. The USA is a giant cauldron right now.  There are 7 stages to the alchemy of the Azoth energy.  We are currently in the 6th.  I will write a very technically detailed article on this process later this month. What is fascinating is that is is connected to the eggs of creation I have written about this past spring.  The full completion of the Azoth energy is the Golden Egg of the Philosophers Stone, and we are almost there.  We are unfortunately in the worst part of the process, which is the Distillation.  In an alchemy lab/cauldron, the Distillation is when you boil the solution to increase its purity. This is the White Stage of Alchemy.  This will cause the minds of humanity and the elements of the Earth to become irritated.  This irritation is actually necessary to remove impurities from the lower energy imprints that still remain.  On a chemical level it is the boiling and condensation that comprise the Azoth energy.  This is what the fires in the west and the water from the hurricanes are producing.  When water and fire meet, they make steam, which is God/Azoth energy, and is mentioned in the Bible.  The last element in all of this is Wind.  Wind is connected to the White Horse and is what carries this energy to other locations of the planet.

caulron fireSo, basically the USA is one gigantic cauldron right now and working for the entire planet.  There are many high level souls that incarnated in western human bodies for this very time.  The United States Of America has been called the melting pot.  This has never been more accurate than it is now.  It was called the melting pot because of the acceptance of immigrants, and we all melted together into one pot.  Now, I understand the full esoteric reason for this.  Not only is the USA one large alchemical melting pot right now, but we are using the DNA from all of the immigrants that the citizens of the US currently contain.  Those of us who are American can tell you that our ancestry is very mixed, like that of the type of dog we call a “mutt.”  We have a little of this and a little of that and a touch of something else.  This all happened for a big reason that is playing out right now.  It’s all about our DNA, which is part physical and biological, but also etheric.  As the US cauldron continues to cook the Azoth energy, it will be sent out to the entire planet via the DNA of Americans.  Wow….scary huh?  Why the USA?  Because of its density, it makes the perfect melting pot, and it is its destiny.

sun spot

Also, to add more fuel to the fire we had a major solar flare from sun spot AR2673.  It is the largest in 10 years. When you add 2673 all together you get 18, which reduces to 9.  Nine…9…is the upper part of the infinity symbol and represents higher consciousness.  If you break apart the 26 and 73, we can see more symbology in the math.  2+6=8, which is infinity and 7+3=10.  Ten…10…is the number of completion, and this flare is the largest in 10 years.  I feel this flare is what we need to complete the 6th phase in the alchemical creation of the Azoth energy.

Since this energy is new, it is very easy to fall into fear mode and blame AI technology nothing to fear but fearthat is present on our planet now, or blame any other outside forces for what we are experiencing.  But it is not any of those things.  It is the Azoth energy combined with the newly released Dark Divine Feminine energy.  I have been experiencing and preparing for this energy for many years now, and I am working hard to stay out of fear mode.  It is a lot to take in, but we must connect to this energy and not fear it.  Here are some exercises that will help.  If you need more help at this time, please schedule a session with me.  I am excellent at what I do, and I can continue to teach more practices that balance your mind, body and soul.

The first exercises I have already written about. Here is the link….Mantra For The Divine Mother

5 elementsThe second is very important at this time, and it involves balancing the 5 elements by connecting with the 5 elemental goddesses that are in charge of each element.  Here is a video that teaches you the hand mudras and seed syllable for each of the elements.   This ritual is from my tradition which is Tibetan Bon.  It is 18,000 years old and is the best and most ancient way to connect to the elements and the Goddesses.  As you perform this, send this energy to Hurricane Irma and the fires in the west.  These are our primary targets because they are the main ingredients in our cauldron right now.  If you live in another area where you are experiencing out-of-control water and fire events, then please do this for your area.  When you finish your spiritual practice always dedicate what you created to the benefit of all sentient beings.

I would like to make a note that when you perform this ritual, you are making offerings to each elemental goddess for their service, and at the same time pulling the energy of the element into your body.  There is a lot more to this teaching, but this is enough for now.  This offering is given when you raise your hand mudra.  The video is easy to follow and is taught with the intent to heal your personal body.  It is recommended that you do this once a day to balance your elemental energies.  But, in addition to that we are adding a twist to the practice – we are sending it to our melting pot as well.

Here is the link….Tibetan Bon Five Elements Mudra

Much Love, and Thank you,

Lisa Rising Berry

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