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I have recently been asked several times what to expect during my sessions.  I wrote a short article on this…here is the link…..CLICK HERE.  Now, however, I feel I must go into more detail as the questions I’m currently getting are coming from a deeper level that I did not address in this article.  I didn’t think I needed to until now.  I feel that I offer something that is different and unique.  As a result of this uniqueness I find  it hard to find a label for it.  If I call myself a Holistic Life Coach the clairvoyant minded think it is a joke.  If I call myself a Clairvoyant Holistic Life Coach, the word “clairvoyant” will scare away the ones who aren’t yet very intuitive.  If I call myself a Mystic, then  people expect a basic owl-and-womanpsychic reading, which I don’t do.  There is nothing basic about what I offer.

My perfect label is “Mystic Inner Alchemy Coach”, but alas, this will leave even more people scratching their heads saying, “What planet is she from?”  I don’t do basic readings where people ask me how many angels they have or guides, or when will they find love or that next new job.  I go much deeper, and the client and I work together.  When a person is adept with Inner Alchemy and is truly working on themselves, they won’t need basic readings – they will know this information intuitively.

Here is a great question I got from a prospective client who inspired this article.

“ Do you read what the issue is energetically and through guides or by the individual telling you?”

Voice is a very powerful medium of magic, which most people don’t take advantage of.  If a client won’t talk to me or if they think I have a crystal ball in front of me that has all the answers for them….they are deluded.  Clients who don’t talk and tell me what is going on in their lives are very closed off.  They are closed off to me, and they don’t want to let me abracadabra-what-i-speak-is-what-i-create-85860475in.  True inner work is personal, and direct communication is essential between client and mystic.  Closed people have very prickly energy systems.  They won’t talk to let me in, and they can’t go within themselves either.   If I do all the work and just tell a client all of their issues, then it is me doing the work and they are not participating.

As a client opens up to me and tells me what is going on in his or her life, what they want open-heartto change, and what they are challenged with, our energy systems connect at the heart level.  They become open, and then I can easily enter their energy system to see and feel what is blocking them. From there I can make suggestions.  The suggestions I make are spiritual practices for them to do.

Doing is alchemy, and doing creates change.  I can also feel the physical body as well as the subconscious mind.  I treat the whole person – mind, body and soul.  I am not going to use my ability to tune into a client’s issue and just tell them what it is.  That is an invasion of privacy and not proper for a Mystic.  I only go as deep as the voice allows – it is what they are ready to handle.  The energy of the voice tells me what they are ready for.  Sometimes I will see visions while someone is talking or I will hear a word, but most of the time I feel a pull in my heart, and I know how I can help.  The guides do talk to me, but I don’t analyze where the information is coming from.  The information itself is what is important.  I can always tell if the guide that is talking has the best interest of my client.   Every client is different, but we are working as a team.

Positive reinforcement word Compassion engrained in a rock

I leave my clients feeling inspired and lighter after our sessions.  My voice carries a healing element similar to sound healing.  And on the flip side my voice will light a fire under someone’s behind if needed, which is also healing.  LOL….    So, what may appear as a fun conversation, is really really intense energy work.

I have a regular client that will sometimes not need anything added to her practice list, but she needs to talk.  I listen, and I give her ways to see her situation from a different angle.


Perspective changes your body chemistry and triggers healing and clarity of mind.  We will address the spiritual reasons for her issue.  She comes to me depressed and frustrated and leaves with new vigor.  She has completely changed her life, and no longer is the same person.  And someday she will not need me, and she will help others.  This is how a planet evolves.

Here are two of my favorite comments that my clients have sent to me.

“Lisa, I am sure I must have thanked you yesterday. If I didn’t it was because I was taking in what you told me…You must know that your help ‘set me free’ from a huge block… again, thank you so much!”

“Thank you Lisa!  You have  given me such a positive charge, I can still feel it. Hardly can wait to get started.”

I don’t do what I do for the money. That is not my motivator.  I am very fortunate in this aspect.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love extra abundance. There has to be an energy exchange, and in this world the currency of choice is money.  My true payment is when I end a session with a repeat client, and they have made such big changes that I cry happy tears for them when we hang up.  Tears of joy are my ultimate payment.  I realize that I just assisted in changing the world by helping someone change themselves.  They are being the change they want to see in the world.

Unity and Peace

We all have to start somewhere. Why not here?

Lisa Rising Berry

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